giovanichimere is a non-for-profit social promotion association, made by young people who wants to build a new society, based on values as self-development, solidarity, community, sustainability. 

It was born from the idea that building a better future is possible, but only starting from young people’s needs and dreams. That is why we have built giovanichimere as a safe space where young people can connect and acquire the skills to develop themselves and take concrete actions in their communities.

We dream a future where everyone is given the opportunity to be the person *he wishes, regardless of origins, educations, financies *he has. 

Our values

Collect and develop youth aspirations, in order to build better societies

Spread inspiration and innovation at local, european and international level

Self-development, community, equal opportunities, sustainability

Our goal is to encourage youth self-developement

– Providing the knowledge and skills needed 

– Providing the opportunity to make actions at local and international level

– Providing connections and easy access to cultural and social services

– Providing support and guidance for educational mobility projects

Our partners & supporters:

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