Let’s get international!


From the collaboration between giovanichimere and Lug Open Factory, through the Interreg Project AYCH, we have developed the “AYCH WEBINAR: OPPORTUNITIES FOR YOUNG EUROPEANS”.

We are going to show you several opportunities for international experiences for young people, in the EU and abroad, including solidarity projects, volunteering, internships, working abroad.. you can find the best programme for you, according to what you are looking for!

  • Educational Mobility: Learning experiences abroad
  • National programmes: youth opportunities financed by governments of different countries;
  • EU Programmes: opportunities in the EU
  • International Opportunities: Opportunities for young people financed by non-EU countries
  • Job opportunities aborad
  • Lifelong opportunities: Opportunities for traveling, volunteering and exploring the EU
  • Run your own project: Tools for drafting your own solidarity project

This project has been developed within the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneur programme.

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