giovanichimere offers a large variety of youth activities and services, such as online courses, private sessions with tutors and trainers, links with European and international organizations, webinars and access to local events, discounts for extra-activities.

Online Courses: connect with the experts

We belive in the importance of constant learning. For this reason we developed a process able to connect youngsters and experts in several subjects, all over the world.

giovanichimere International

We developed a good network of international partners and we are able to run Eu cooperation projects. We aim to support young people in acquiring new soft-skills, through educational mobility projects and specific courses organized by giovanichimere staff.

We offer mentoring session for youngsters interested to volunteering abroad and much more.


Several are the benefits of being part of giovanichimere members:

  • Discounts from our partners
  • Access to cultural events
  • Notification of opportunities in EU

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